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Elmwood Meunier Funeral Home was founded in 1927 by Louis J. Meunier. He received training as an undertaker by becoming an assistant to Mr. Edward JH. Reed, a prominent undertaker of the day. Mr. Meunier, who was a father of nine then attended the New England Embalming School in Boston and returned to Burlington to open his first office and waresroom with free ambulance service on the corner of Pine St. and Pine Place.

This "home," once known as The Stacy House, was situated on the comer of Peru Street and Elmwood Avenue with St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in the immediate background.

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1930 Dr. Arnold decided to erect a service station on the original site, and the house was moved down the avenue to the comer of Peru Street. Today, the corner of Pearl Street and Elmwood Avenue is the home of the U.S. Federal Building d Burlington Post Office. The Stacy House, having been relocated to the comer of Peru Street and Elmwood Avenue became the Meunier Funeral Home in 1934.

Mr. Louis Meunier had retired in the late 50's, and Rene Meunier enlarged and improved the building to accommodate his growing business. He had two sons James A., born in 1949 and John J., born in 1951. Both attended Rice Memorial High School for two years and two years at Burlington High School graduating in1968 and 1969, respectively. Both sons aided their father in the business during this period. James earned a degree in Business Administration from Champlain College in Burlington in 1970 and then followed in his father's footsteps by attending the Cincinnati College of Embalming, graduating in 1971; while his brother, John became an architect. The original entrepreneur of the business, (Louis Meunier) and his wife, died during the early 1970's.

From the time that James began working with his father and Mr. Troville, the business expanded to include four ambulances and an auxiliary chapel in South Burlington at the corner of Williston and Patchen Roads.

When Rene J. Meunier retired in 1975, James A. Meunier became president; and began an extensive program of enlargement and improvement to the existing property.

James A. Meunier was married to the former Janet Beach in 1979; and they are the parents of three sons Mark, Joseph, and Anthony.

The French-English dictionary states that the word "entrepreneur" means on who undertakes a venture" In other words "an undertaker." for the Meunier Family -it is so appropriate!

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